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A = A Night At Arena Club



Fr, 07.06.2013
A =
Arena Club, Berlin

Open Air & Pool from 6 PM + Club from 10 PM
A = Wants To Celebrate A Mental Dingdong With You And Likes To Start Early To Have More Time To Do That

Taron Trekka (Freude am Tanzen, Freund der Familie)
Gathaspar LIVE (Freude am Tanzen, Resopal Schallware)
Fabian Drews (Foreplay, Wangorsch Rec.)
Maurizio Borriello (Titbit Music)
Coco (Betriebsfeier, kreis.studio)
Lorenzo Chiabotti (Vinyl Club)
Tom Chords (Fullmoon)

A Rhythm With A Milkshake In His Hand
A Dancing Cow On The Dancefloor
A Tree Which Looks Like A Cherry Tree With A’s As Petals
A Bunch Of A’s On An Air Boat In A Pool
A Fine Selection Of Mentals Collided With A Taste Of Music
A Shining A Above Our Heads
A Poster With An A On It Sticked On An Old Fridge Or TV

An intergalactic collaboration of Coco (Betriebsfeier), Lorenzo Chiabotti (Vinyl Club), Fabian Drews (Neuwumsland) and Maurizio Borriello (Titbit Music)


Arena Club & Badeschiff
Eichenstraße 4
12435 Berlin