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A= Dewalta, Sil | Easy Changes | Coco | 31337 at Arena Club


Fr, 02.08.2012
Arena Club, Berlin

Open Air + Pool + Club = stArt 6 PM
A = Wants To Celebrate Again A Mental Dingdong With You …

Dewalta (Cynosure, Vakant)
Sil | Easy Changes (Nervmusic, 31337 Records)
Sebastian Koch (31337 Records)
Philip Rauh (31337 Rec)
Lorenzo Chiabotti (Vinyl Club)
Maurizio Borriello (Titbit Music)
Coco (Betriebsfeier, kreis.studio)
Fabian Drews (Foreplay, Wangorsch Rec.)

A = The A-Team = is always with you. The intergalactic collaboration of Coco (Betriebsfeier), Lorenzo Chiabotti (Vinyl Club), Fabian Drews (Neuwumsland) and Maurizio Borriello (Titbit Music) takes care of you and brings you an eclectic mix of quality music and party influencing, which will lead you through the night.

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