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A = Freitag, 15.11.2013 Arena Club Berlin


Fr, 15.11.2013
A =
Arena Club, Berlin

Julie Marghilano (Tzinah)
Mariano Mateljan (Infuse)
Maurizio Borriello (A=)
Fabian Drews (A=)
+ visual installations presented by USS ART

And here we are, the A Team is back and we’re more than glad to celebrate our 7th edition with two special guests like Julie Marghilano and Mariano Mateljan.

Surprising, experimental and always breaking boundaries: there is no doubt that Julie Marghilano’s music has brought new life to the electronic music scene. Since the age of 10 when she first started playing the violin, Julie has been continually experimenting with this classical instrument. Born and raised in Las Vegas with a jazz musician father, Julie was always surrounded by bee bop swing which gave her an infallible feel for rhythm at an early age. Living the gypsy life of a dj, she stopped one year in London and then finally discovered Berlin, the city that gave her the freedom to mature her musical taste and become the innovative artist that she is today. In the last years of her musical development, she has fused the 5 string electric violin with deep stripped down house/techno music and created a range of original and surprising sounds in her live/ DJ sets and productions. Whether it is transforming pizzicato into dark sub basses, creating sweet synth sounds out of a violin loops or simply making a live orchestration on the fly, julie is continuously creating new and unique sounds and combines these elements that will illuminate you with an unforgettable hypnotic experience.

Mariano Mateljan is a young and talented producer from Split, Croatia. Born in 1989, when techno was starting his peaceful invasion over electronic dance music scene, his production grassroots and ispirations are to be found into those early days. His djing style is deep and dark with a groovy and evil tendency to low frequencies. His tracks are getting high recognition all around the world and his hit “Tenebrous Avenue” has been played by many international djs constantly in the latest months. There no additional words to be spent for Mariano, just listen to his music and try not to dance. Mission impossible.

A Rhythm With A Milkshake In His Hand
A Dancing Cow On The Dancefloor
A Tree Which Looks Like A Cherry Tree With A’s As Petals
A Bunch Of A’s On An Air Boat In A Pool
A Fine Selection Of Mentals Collided With A Taste Of Music
A Shining A Above Our Heads
A Poster With An A On It Sticked On An Old Fridge Or TV

The A Team takes care of you bringing you an eclectic mix of quality music and party influencing which will lead you through the night.

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Arena Club
Eichenstraße 4
12435 Berlin